Saves On Utility Cost
Since a tankless water heater has neither a storage tank to keep heated 24/7, nor a pilot light (on gas or LP models) it only costs when you need hot water. This higher efficiency can allow you to save from 50% to 80% off your utility cost for heating water. Heating of water is considered the second largest cost of energy next to heat/air conditioning systems in home.

High Quality: NO MORE TANK LEAKAGE!!!! Takagi Tankless Water Heaters are made of the highest quality materials for durability and long life. Unlike storage tank heaters, which are designed to eventually rust and be replaced, Takagi Tankless Systems use all commercial grade copper and brass water ways, stainless steel burners, a rust resistant baked polyurethane finish. Takagi’s have pipe freezing protection.

Environmentally Friendly – Takagi Tankless Water Heaters are the only product of its kind to receive SCAQMD (Southern California Air Quality Management District) approval for its low emissions (CO, Nox). With high thermal efficiency (84-94%), Takagi Systems use much less fuel than traditional systems.

Many Applications
Space Heating – (hydronic, radiator/baseboard)
Floor Heating – (radiant)
Re-Circulating Systems

Large Volume – (such as hotels, apartments, industrial plants, laundry, carwash, dairies)



Approved by:
American Gas Association

Approved by:
National Propane Gas Association

Approved by:
California Energy Commission

Approved by:
Canadian Standards Association

Manufacturing by:
Takagi Industrial Co.